Laser Marking & Engraving

Have a product that you want your logo etched on? Perhaps a custom project that requires a detailed graphic applied.

HBS Laser Markers are the perfect way to have any custom message, logo or graphic applied to any surface, timber or metal. We can help by applying your graphic from one to hundreds of units. Laser marking your logo is a more durable and professional way to brand your products. Chat with our team today to see how we can use HBS laser markers to engrave your logo today!

Laser Cutting Services

HBS laser cutting machines provide a precise and pre-programmed cut that can be entered into the easy-to-use software for a millimetre perfect cut every time!

With the powerful HBS laser cutting machines you can achieve unbelievably clean finishes to your project, and if you have multiple cuts to do on a series of repetitive applications, the built-in software can help store your measurements to make production a breeze.

Software Support

With every HBS laser marking and cutter we sell, we also provide class leading technical support to help you get used to the systems and software applications.

Together with the extensive documentation that comes with a HBS laser marker machine, we also help by guiding you through normal operating functions to ensure you are ready to get the most out of your system. Chat with us today to find out more!