Enclosed Design Marking System

Compared with IR Laser and Green Laser, UV Laser has a much higher material absorption rate. Thus, the marking process is more efficient and the marking results are more sharp and clear.

UV Laser Marking system has the newly enclosed design which fully complies with German safety regulations. Integrated self-shutdown system and the optional waste air exhaust system ensure the health condition and the safety of the operating personnel. When the door opens unexpectedly, or emergency button is pressed down, the system will automatically shut down.

Our UV Laser marking system can marking on a wide range of materials, such as paper, white plastic, ABS, PA, glass, etc. In addition, our UV laser marking system is capable of generating a great contrast for more appealing results and improved readability on 2D codes. Focus finder system, pilot laser, easy to use software, motorized Z axis, all integrated features will make your marking process more efficient and productive.