Flexible Marking System

GQ 20D equipped with the high-quality fiber laser, high-stability galvanometer system, simple, flexible and easy to use. Can meet the common marking needs, such as marking metal parts and plastic parts (characters, text, logo, QR code, etc. ). Extremely easy to be integrated into the assembly line.

In fact, most of our products can be integrated into the mass production line easily. However, our GQ 20D is designed with maximum flexibility which makes it the most suitable one for marking on the fly. Simply move GQ 20D to wherever you need it be, adjust X, Y, Z axis, and after simple sensor installation, your GQ 20D are all set and ready to mark. Extremely easy to move around, and extremely flexible. Besides, the marking head of GQ 20D can also be designed to rotate 180 degree, which gives GQ 20D the ability to complete the complicated marking task.