Open Table Design Marking System

GQ 20A equipped with high-quality fiber laser, high-stability galvanometer system, simple, flexible and easy to use. Can meet the common marking needs, such as marking metal parts and plastic parts (characters, text, logo, QR code, etc. )

Open table design, which gives you the maximum flexibility during your marking process. You can put many different sizes of workpieces on the table. With our focus finder system, pilot laser, easy to use software, motorised Z axis, your production process will be more efficient and productive. Besides, the open table design also makes it easier for you to integrate GQ 20A into your production line.

From 20W to 100W, our professional engineer will provide the right laser source for you which will greatly meet your needs and requirements. Because fiber laser has such a wide application range, it can be used on metals, plastics, or even some organic materials.